About Me

Welcome to my personal website. I'm Haran Jackson, the CTO of techspert.io. Outside the world of data science, my academic work has primarily concerned the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics. Please have a look at my research below, and get in touch if it looks interesting to you.

Contact Details

+44 7792 079 477



  1. ADER: The ADER method for solving any (potentially very stiff) hyperbolic system of PDEs
  2. Julia-WENO: An optimized Julia implementation of the WENO reconstruction algorithm, of any order of accuracy
  3. Euler1D: A few first- and second-order methods for solving the 1D Euler equations, implemented in C++
  4. GaussianDeconvolution: A Python implementation of a Gaussian Deconvolution algorithm for separating overlapping, normally-distributed signals
  5. ProjectionMethod: A C++ implementation of Chorin’s Project Method
  6. NewtonKrylov: A C++ implementation of the Newton-Krylov algorithm, with Python bindings
  7. LGMRES: A C++ implementation of the LGMRES algorithm, with Python bindings
  8. LegendreGauss: C++ code to compute the Legendre-Gauss nodes and weights on [-1,1], based on NumPy's leggauss function
  9. nwalign2: A modification of MATLAB’s nwalign function requiring linear (rather than quadratic) space
  10. seqpdist2: A simple extension of MATLAB’s seqpdist function